Marion Andrews

Reiki Master/Teacher/Life Coach
Helping you to live your authentic self.

Reiki Sessions


Integrated Energy Therapy Session 

Reiki Sessions


Reiki session with a 10 minute consultation  ~ 70 minutes for $70.00​

Reiki session with a 5 minute meditation ~ 75 minutes for $75.00​

My Approach

I have always been a hands-on kind of person. I prefer to get to know you and then work with you to determine the best approach. It may be a few sessions of Reiki healing to get balanced and grounded. It may be that you are ready to jump right into the coaching with the guided journal “Who Am I, Anyway,” along with the Companion course to really dig into who you are now and where and who you want to be in a few months.


Featured In  Spiritual Leader Directory 2018


On-Line Courses

  • Companion Course – Who Am I, Anyway?
  • Gloriously Grateful
  • Meditation Made Easy

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