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Marion is an experienced instructor having taught everything from skincare, computer basics and self confidence. Now, Marion is bringing her unique guidance style to teaching classes about angels and meditation.​

Class sizes are limited so each participant can feel safe and comfortable asking questions plus Marion can ensure everyone is getting the most out of the material.


In this class you will discover:​

Who the angels are.

What the impact of angels are in your life.

Where you can utilize the angels through prayer and thoughts.

Why this information can reduce stress and increase calm.

How you can practice angel interactions to guide you through stressful situations.

and much more…



In this course, you will discover:​

How you can begin meditating even if you’ve never meditated before the class.

Why, no matter where you are in your life, meditating brings peace and clarity.

How to get started meditating.

What you need to begin meditating.

​What to do when you can’t concentrate.

and much more…


Marion brings her exceptional and personable teaching style to give guidance on the angels and meditation. After a class, you will have the knowledge to bring more peace and calmness to your world.

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In this jam-packed eBook “Meditation for Beginners”, uncover how you can learn to meditate even if:you have no timehave never meditated &have no idea how to get started.

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