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Healing Angels of the Energy Field Classes

Description: We developed our “Healing Angels” class to support two groups of students. It is perfect for students who do not have any Integrated Energy Therapy® Training but who love angels and who would like
to meet and work with the nine special angels of healing (Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, and Michael). It is also ideal for IET students who want to learn to call upon the Healing
Angels and add a special spiritual dimension to their sessions. Everyone from angel novice to expert can benefit from this class.

Class Methodology: This class is based on a powerful four-step process that enables you to energetically connect with the Healing Angels and develop your personal relationship with each of them. In this class you
will be led through this four-step process to systematically focus on each of the Healing Angels.
The group energy created in this class enables all students to have the most powerful energetic awareness of the Healing Angels possible.

Agenda: This format for teaching our Healing Angels Class is five 2-hour classes. Each student will receive a Healing Angels Student Workbook (ebook) at the start of the class and be
awarded an official Healing Angels Certificate once a student has completed the class.

Cost: The cost of all five classes is 95.00. Click on the link below to pay.

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